Celino Romero

Celino Romero displays a virtuosity synonymous with the Romero name. He has dazzled countless audiences playing solo, with major orchestras, in duo performances with father Celin, his uncle Pepe, or cousin Lito, and as a member of "The Romeros" quartet. Celino Romero is the youngest member of the world-renowned classical guitar quartet, "Los Romeros" but he has proved to be a true concert veteran with numerous brilliant performances. Celino can also be credited with bringing new audiences to the world of classical guitar, as he is extremely popular amongst college audiences throughout the United States. His performances at fine arts series in major cities include the Metropolitan Museum and Carnegie Hall in New York, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, the Teatro Real in Madrid and Palacio de la Música in Barcelona, the Herkulessaal, Gewandhaus, and Musikhalle in Germany and the Musikverein in Vienna. His performances have also brought him to stages in Copenhagen, Paris, London, Madrid, Seoul, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Salzburg, Warsaw, and Turkey.