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Pauline Oliveros: A Composer's Journey

Interview with noted composer and sound practitioner Pauline Oliveros on her history and current work.

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Jason Soares: Sound and Vision

Artist and musician Jason Soares shares his history, ideas on music, and information sharing technology.

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Michael Hoisington & Paul Mirowski: Copyright Law

Intellectual property attorneys Michael Hoisington and Paul Mirowski on music piracy, the state of copyright law, and the future of the record industry.

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Jason Soares: Music and File Sharing

A conversation with artist Jason Soares on file sharing, cultural shifts in music, and the future of the record industry.

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Stan Goman: History of Tower Records

Interview with former Tower Records COO, Stan Goman, on the history and ultimate fall of this historic record store.

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James Snyder: Library of Congress Digital Archive

James Snyder, senior systems administrator for the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, shares his role in archiving our nations history in a digital age.


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