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Russ Solomon: History of Tower Records

Interview with Tower Records founder Russ Solomon on the history and ultimate fall of this historic record store.

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Tim Westergren - Pandora

Tim Westergren: Pandora Radio Interview

The founder of Pandora Radio talks about the early days of the world’s largest music streaming website and shares his thoughts on the future of the music industry.


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John Snyder: Music Industry Interview

Educator and music industry veteran John Snyder discusses empowering artists and the future of the music business.


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Mike Wofford: Jazz Explorations

Legendary jazz pianist Mike Wofford shares his influences, uniqe history in music, and thoughts on jazz music.


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Paul Horn Interview

Jazz and New Age Muisc pioneer Paul Horn sharess his philosophy on creative music performance and the direction of his music.

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David Dubal: Music History and Tradition

Author and Juilliard professor David Dubal shares his personal history and passion for the piano in part one of our exclusive interview.

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