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Bertram Turetzky In Conversation

Watch the complete video series featuring classical bassist Bertram Turetzky on his life history, philosophy, and ideas on music here.

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Bob Magnusson: Stories from the Bandstand

Legendary Jazz and Classical bassist Bob Magnusson shares his stories of Art Pepper, Buddy Rich, bass influences and more in this special interview.

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Vanessa Daou: Future States of Music

New York based singer Vanessa Daou shares her unique insights on the current state of music the recording business in an in-depth interview.


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Mike Wofford Tribute

Watch a special tribute to pianist Mike Wofford featuring musicians Jeff Hamilton, Bob Magnusson, and Jim Plank on their history and impressions of a uniquely gifted artist.

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Russ Solomon: History of Tower Records

Interview with Tower Records founder Russ Solomon on the history and ultimate fall of this historic record store.

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Tim Westergren - Pandora

Tim Westergren: Pandora Radio Interview

The founder of Pandora Radio talks about the early days of the world’s largest music streaming website and shares his thoughts on the future of the music industry.


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