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Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

Watch the complete interviews of session legend Carol Kaye on her history in music, thoughts on teaching, and reflections on artist collaborations.

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Dr. Herbert Deutsch Interview: A Life in Music

Composer and professor Dr. Herbert Deutsch shares his history as an educator, musician, and co-creator of the Moog Synthesizer in this multi-part video interview.

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Dr. John Eaton Interview: A Life in Music

Composer and Synth pioneer Dr. John Eaton shares his life history, thoughts on music, and experience developing his Pocket Opera works in this multi-part video interview.

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Bob Moog Remembered: Michelle Moog & John Eaton

Watch a special interview with Michelle Moog and Dr. John Eaton on their history and memories of American innovator and inventor Bob Moog.

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Jeff Hamilton Interview part 1-2

Drummer and Bandleader Jeff Hamilton shares his unique concepts of jazz drumming and the history of his drumming influences in this in-depth video interview.

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Sir John Tusa: State of Arts Support

Read and listen to our exclusive interview with Sir John Tusa on the value of the arts, the British vs American model of arts support, and current issues facing performing arts organizations.

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