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David Dubal Juilliard Evening Division

Watch David Dubal share his insights on the tradition of the piano and it's great composers; from Rachmaninoff to Berlioz. Experience two special evenings with professor Dubal recorded at the Juilliard School of Music. [updated]

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David Dubal & Gustavo Romero on Franz Liszt

Watch a two part video with author, professor David Dubal and pianist Gustavo Romero on the life and innovations of composer Franz Liszt. Watch here.

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Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

Watch the complete interviews of session legend Carol Kaye on her history in music, thoughts on teaching, and reflections on artist collaborations.

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Dr. Herbert Deutsch Interview: A Life in Music

Composer and professor Dr. Herbert Deutsch shares his history as an educator, musician, and co-creator of the Moog Synthesizer in this multi-part video interview.

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Dr. John Eaton Interview: A Life in Music

Composer and Synth pioneer Dr. John Eaton shares his life history, thoughts on music, and experience developing his Pocket Opera works in this multi-part video interview.

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Bob Moog Remembered: Michelle Moog & John Eaton

Watch a special interview with Michelle Moog and Dr. John Eaton on their history and memories of American innovator and inventor Bob Moog.

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