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Plaid: Artist Profile

Watch a special feature of British duo Plaid, pioneers of electronic music, filmed at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angles.

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Vanessa Daou Interview

Watch our exclusive video conversation with singer, writer, poet Vanessa Daou on her music and philosophy.


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Frances Taylor Davis: Her Story 

Frances Taylor Davis pioneer, dancer, actress and 1st wife of Miles Davis.

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John McLaughlin: State of the Musical Arts

Watch our exclusive conversation with world/jazz/rock guitarist and composer John McLaughlin on the state of the musical arts today.


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bertheadBertram Turetzky A Life In Music

Classical bassist Bertram Turetzky reflects on his life in music as a teacher, author, artist and pioneer of the bass in our exclusive three part series.

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The History of Tower Records

Founder Russ Solomon and former COO Stan Goman share their stories on the impact of Tower Records from it's early drugstore history to mega store success. Listen to our exclusive interview series on the record store that changed music.


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