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Musicians on Music volume one

Watch Musicians on Music featuring Anoushka Shankar, Matmos, Holly Hofmann, Steven Schick, Celino Romero.

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Plaid: Artist Profile

Watch a special feature of British duo Plaid, pioneers of electronic music, filmed at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angles.

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Vanessa Daou Interview

Watch our exclusive video conversation with singer, writer, poet Vanessa Daou on her music and philosophy.


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Frances Taylor Davis: Her Story 

Frances Taylor Davis pioneer, dancer, actress and 1st wife of Miles Davis.

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John McLaughlin: State of the Musical Arts

Watch our exclusive conversation with world/jazz/rock guitarist and composer John McLaughlin on the state of the musical arts today.


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bertheadBertram Turetzky A Life In Music

Classical bassist Bertram Turetzky reflects on his life in music as a teacher, author, artist and pioneer of the bass in our exclusive three part series.

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