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The American Music Preservation Fund

The American Music Preservation Fund was created to document today’s innovative musicians, composers and music educators in high quality documentary film, preserving the life lessons and insights of the artists oral tradition. 

Our goal is to capture the most important educators in music that are still with us, and document the next generation of musicians who will carry on its time honored traditions. Our vision is to create a new platform of educational documentary films featuring our best musicians, composers and educators who encompass the spectrum of talent in the music community.

“The American Music Preservation Fund is a simple and yet direct solution to the neglected state of the musical arts in the United States. We see great opportunity to capture and share the life history of creative musicians, and are excited to partner with donors who love music and appreciate the impact film can have can have to open minds across generations.”  -Jonathan Bewley, Snapshots Foundation Executive Director

Join us in supporting a new vision for capturing, preserving, and sharing music history on film with the American Music Preservation Fund. Contact us to learn more about the AMPF.

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